Knowfox - All I needed in Evernote - opensource

Hi, I have just open-sourced my take at a personal knowledge management system. There is also a free-to-use hosted version.

It is a web-based system, with the following features:

  • hierarchies
  • tags
  • search
  • typed relationships
  • markdown
  • outline view
  • bookmarklet
  • easy picture upload
  • private by default
  • simple journaling
  • sharing
  • publishing to reveal.js
  • import from Evernote

After importing my Evernote notes I have started to use it on a daily basis. The UI is nothing fancy, but quite usable due to an integrated markdown editor.

If you are looking for a note taking app, why not give it a try and tell me what you think.

– Olav


You really go an extra mile in communicating the benefits of your service…

Hi Vlad,

Thank you for your feedback. You are certainly right that Knowfox needs more communication of its features and benefits. is not meant to be a commercial service. It serves as a demo install for the Github repo. I do use it as my note taking app, though.

– Olav

PS. There are now installation instructions for Knowfox on a Mac at