Keeping track of your prospective customers

How do you manage, and remember, potential customers/users for your startup when promoting it?

Background: I’ve built a website for cycling clubs to host informal Strava competitions between their members. It was built to host the yearly competition for the club I’m a member of. The website replaced a manual spreadsheet and copy & pasting data from Strava. It’s now entirely self-service, and can be used for free by any cycle club to host their own competition. I’m using this project as a learning exercise, both technical and marketing, before embarking on a proper startup next year.

There’s an obvious target market for my website: cycling clubs. Especially those that already host their own similar club competitions (using a spreadsheet). So I’m attempting to reach out via direct email and their website contact forms. I want to help these clubs promote competitive cycling to their members. Encouraging them to go out and ride all year round. Having a reason to go out for a ride each month is a real incentive. It’s also a great stepping stone to more competitive cycling events, such as time trials and racing, too.

I’m manually searching Google and Twitter for cycling clubs, locating contact details and crafting individual emails. Then recording this information in a spreadsheet. Is there a better way? I don’t want to engage in mass unsolicited email spam. I do want to remember who I’ve contacted and when, whether they responded, and to follow up if there was interest shown.

Any help or feedback welcome. My goal for 2017 is to build a product that people will pay to use.

I’ve been looking for any existing products over the past week. Discovered a few tools that are similar to what I wanted.

  • - CRM for tracking sales opportunities.
  • - tool for prospecting using a browser extension (on LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, Google+) and sending automated emails.
  • - Google Chrome extension and web crawler to locate contact details, email drip campaigns, and CRM integration.

Does anyone have experience with these?

I use - it’s free and inside gmail, for tracking your prospects. I made my own dashboard for it b/c gmail is slow (

You might also try posting in all cycling related forums, asking people to try it and give you feedback. As for unsolicited emails… don’t be shy, your product benefits them, they NEED YOU! :slight_smile:

Yep, I’ve used Streak before and it’s great if you’re using Gmail. Since we’re using Helpscout (sorry Ian) now for our shared email inbox I can’t use it anymore. Looking at moving to Pipedrive soon as they have the most intgrations and simplest format amongst the “simple” tools that I’m looking at. Don’t need a lot of bells and whistles. Like a lot of tools though you only get out of these what you put in.

Thanks for the reply. Streak looks like a useful tool, and for the amount of usage I need the cost is free.

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