Just released! :) simple.team - Project management all on one platform


I’ve been working really hard to get it up and running would love any feedback you have! Not perfect by any means but I am getting there.

Essentially I was frustrated at work because I had to move between Jira, aha, invision, slack, and email. So Simple Team will have multiple styles of working on projects to suit your needs.

Current State:

  • Projects: Kind of a kanban/scrum board


  • Talk/Conversations: Similar to reddit style communication
  • Designs: Similar to invision
  • Notes: Similar to evernote

Any feedback is appreciated! The main thing I’m wondering is, “Is this something you’d buy?”

I am a 1-man-band. So I wouldn’t use it pesonally.

I can tell you from personal experience with my http://www.hyperplan.com product that productivity/project management tools is a very crowded market. So I am interested in how you plan to promote it.

BTW consider repeating your ‘create my free account’ call to action at the bottom of the home page.

Cool! Why did you decide to go non-cloud?

Alessandro Colarossi

Since this is primarily targeted at software developers I was planning to advertise/promote it via:

  • YouTube / blog tutorials explaining how I used various tools to build it on our site
  • Once my payment stuff is done, ads on twitter and google
  • I wanted to present this at my work to see if we could use it, sort of a case study and testimonial thing
  • Get as many backlinks as possible
  • The way I’m designing the site I plan on making it extremely easy to get on boarded

Good call on the additional button

What do you mean non cloud? It’s entirely hosted in the cloud.

Sorry, that was directed at Andy.

Were you talking about Hyper Plan? If so, see the FAQ here:

Good luck getting any clicks related to project management on Google AdWords for a sensible price.

I tried ads on twitter for other projects. It wasn’t cost effective for me.

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Yeah I saw the prices, I was going to focus on building relationships with people via content either on my personal site that redirects people to simple.team or on simple.team’s site itself.

I can write and record a lot of technical content that attracts software developers.

We are building something similar but more complex with taskblitz.com. I can tell you from my experience that it will be super super super hard to gain traction. You just stepped into the most crowded and competitive field of SaaS software.

Ads won’t work out until you have a really large marketing budget. We are talking here about CPC prizes >2$. We tested that out: conversions are so bad especially with Google ads that you need to spent >30$ for getting 1 user signed up (signed up not subscribed to a paid plan!!!).

Furthermore I don’t think that the developer focus will work out. Those people stick to their tools since years. It will be very hard to convert them to your new tool.

Ping me if you want to discuss further. I am always happy to meet people building similar stuff than we do.

You’re absolutely right and I don’t think I’m going to advertise at all.

I think I’m going to advertise in different creative ways and use my product as an example so that it’s indirect advertising. Like tutorials and blog posts using the newest tech.

I’m realizing now todo apps and project management apps are probably some of the easiest things to make.