Just launched first public alpha version

Just launched first public alpha version for testing. Here’s a link to take a look: http://bit.ly/2yTEB51 and http://bit.ly/2yUCzSf

In short, it’s a web based radio automation system. It offers many things most our competitors do not offer at all, or offer in a crippled way. The market really misses a good cloud radio automation system - we plan to fill the gap.

It was in development for about 9 months, and finally it’s out! I’m not sure if it really reached the MVP state yet. I still see it as a very incomplete product, with some essential features missing and with lots of bugs. Still, the decision was to show it to potential users and get their feedback - so here it is :slight_smile:

For the first 10 hours it was released as a paid subscription, no demo, 90 day money back. Different tiers from $3 to $9 (it’s 70% discounted from the planned prices). And we’ve even got some paying customers! I was a bit surprised. Later a “first month free” thing was introduced, to lower the entry barrier and get more users.

Written in PHP (web part backend), Delphi and C++ (audio related backend), HTML5/JS (frontend). No fancy frameworks, only FatFree for PHP and jQuery with some plugins.

Will be great to hear any opinions.

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And we’ve even got some paying customers!

Nice work!

Different tiers from $3 to $9 (it’s 70% discounted from the planned prices).

Why so cheap?

The final prices once it’s out of beta will be $10/$20/$30, it’s somewhat average in its niche. Later, when more features are added, the pricing will be reviewed.

I shall wish you well.

This is something that was right up my street as I ran an internet radio station for 13 years until the whole U.S. royalty things made it untenable. Now, I have no desire to continue.

I do admire the architecture as some of the limitations of current cloud offerings seems to be related to php/js etc.

As Steve mentioned, why so cheap. You may be able to pivot into the professional market such as backups to station facilities and with the FCC rule changes to station locations this may open an opportunity to you.

I’ve been in professional broadcasting way too long and I will not offer products to the lower end of the market. They have real high expectations of support for peanuts. Make sure your ToS reflects availability and expectations of a SLA.

Good luck.

Well, compared to other stream plans we offer (with 3rd party control panel), where lowest level is $5, for RB Cloud the cheapest plan is $10 (still cheap, yes). How much do you think it should cost, for lowest and highest levels?

Generally, I follow the “raise your prices” plan. But in this case, for the product still at alpha testing stage… I’m not sure. Currently I’d like to get more users, as their feedback is very important. Then, after a year or two, I plan to introduce professional tier plans (premium bandwidth, audio processing, additional encoders, multiple access levels etc etc) where things start at $100/mo or so.

That’s sad, but you’re welcome to try out RadioBOSS Cloud :slight_smile:

Good question. I suspect at this stage you need the feedback but when you have a solid MVP then the $100/mo hopefully will appeal to the professional market. Good luck.

Thanks. No time now though.