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Josh Pigford from Temper & PopSurvey


Hello! I’m Josh Pigford from Temper and PopSurvey (among other things…as is the case with most of us, I assume).

I’ve been a self-employed/founder/maker-of-things for nearly a decade and feel confident saying I’ll never work for anyone else. Ever.

Stoked for a place like this and to help out however i can!


Awesome! Welcome to the group.


Hey Josh :slight_smile:

Temper looks really great. Put it on my “to try out” list. Good luck with everything.


Thanks Ryan, really appreciate that!


Wow, Temper looks really interesting. Very polished. Have you been ‘dogfooding’ your own product? If so, I think it shows :slight_smile:


Thanks Sean! Yes, we use Temper on the site and on our other products and yes, we like it. :smile: