Joining a mastermind group

I’ve been thinking that it would probably be helpful to be part of a mastermind. Anyone out there with an existing group that’s looking to pick up a member? Or someone that wants to start one?

I’ve been bootstrapping my saas app for about a year and have a small but growing paying customer base.


In one but not looking to expand, sorry. But, I highly recommend it! Has been great for me.

Haha thanks. “Masterminds are great! You can’t join mine though!”

:slight_smile: this is the payback I get for trolling you on twitter constantly.

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Lol, indeed!

But, I really do recommend joining one (or starting one!). It’s just that the one I’m in 1) isn’t “mine” and 2) is very focused and doesn’t make sense for most people.

By the way, this course was recommended to me by someone I know who runs a mastermind group, when I was thinking of starting one.

Thanks man appreciate that!

I joined my first mastermind group earlier this year and it’s been a good experience. Mine was specific to people operating digital agencies providing a combination of website, SEO, SEM, email marking and inbound/content services.

The impact it’s had on my business is hard to describe. I’ve been given plans, ideas, scripts, and viewpoints that I couldn’t have gotten without it. I’ve begun to change how we package and sell our services because of the mastermind.

Our format was a guest speaker 2x a quarter and then an internal “bring questions” meeting on the third month.

Our meetings ran right around 2 hours once a month, plus a Facebook group to keep in touch.

I also tried to do a call or meeting each month with another member.

Unfortunately my group just ended

Hey Kalen, we’ve got 3 in our mastermind group and have been discussing adding a 4th. We’re in Denver, but we meet via Google Hangout. I’ll shoot you a PM and we can figure out if it’s a good fit for everybody. Whether its our group or another, I definitely recommend it.

Thanks Gavin appreciate that feedback!

Looking forward to talking with you guys soon Corey!