I've just launched Chosenreich: Have family answer questions about their life

It is about time I get some feedback on this: chosenreich.de. Growing older, I’ve developed a strong interest in entangled lifelines. Two years ago, I even built a site that visualizes these timelines: entangle.de . That site I open sourced.

Last year, my mother gifted me a book entitled “Papa, erzähl mal!” Its one of a whole family of similar books with canned questions and lots of free space to write stories in. I have a special connection with my mother whom I met again after 40 years. We rebooted our contact with lots of emails, but at some point the conversation dried off.

Then, at the start of the year, I found Nick Baum’s Storyworth. This site basically digitalizes the concept of the book. Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist in German so I set off to rebuild it in my language.

Now, I believe that others might be willing to pay for such a service (I would). But I also know that in Germany acceptance with and fluency in online media amongst the older generation is somewhat behind overseas. So Chosenreich might have a hard time finding customers.

I wonder if you have any tips how to approach my target audience, i.e. middle aged people who want to engage their older kin in an online storytelling exercise.

– Olav

I think you already nailed it…

Target the age group that knows the tech and is in between the storytellers and the ultimate recipients: the youngsters who will never get those stories if they are not captured. Your copy can focus on making them the hero who prevents history from being lost… who is able to give a priceless gift to the next generation.

Perhaps have imagery where the two are laughing at a computer together with a youngster playing innocently in the background?

See what copy is being used successfully on the sites you mentioned that are not targeting Germans. Is there anything that might translate well. You might even be bold and contact the founders of any of those companies and discuss their beginnings. Maybe get some insight into how they arrived at their current marketing plan.

Sounds fascinating. Good luck!!

Very helpful insight, taking the youngsters into the formula. I missed that one - thank you.
Also contacting my inspiration sites is a good idea.

– Olav