Its been a while but I'm bootstrapping again!

Hi everyone!

My name is Greg, I had some success early in my tech career creating and selling a small sass business, since then no such luck! I’ve started, stopped, failed, picked stuff up, failed again, pivoted, re-started etc. again and again. (sound familiar? - I really hope it’s not just me!!)

So here I am chasing the dragon again, this time I am tackling the recruitment industry, this is through my own experience as a hiring manager (and hiring over 16 people in a 6 month period) and directly feeling the challenges in doing so.

I have started building, which is a conversation driven recruitment platform - the idea being that recruitment is losing the personal touch through too much automation among other things, I want to give people the tools to improve the experience for companies, recruiters and candidates and make it very personal & importantly transparent again.

At this stage the only publicly facing page is the beta landing page, I am hoping for some feedback on the copy and messaging, does the message come across clearly?

Thanks so much, looking forward to being part of this community as I go through the process.