It's always Avangate support SO slow?


I’m having problems with Avangate Support. When I was ready to launch my SaaS I emailed them because I have an old account (from 2012, when I was selling desktop software), and they need to verify the site and the SaaS application in order to change some information in my account (particularly my website URL).

I can understand that this verification can take a bit of time, so this is OK. The problem is that last week, on tuesday or wednesday, they sent me an addendum to change the URL and some other minor changes, I printed, signed and scanned it, and on friday I send it back to Avangate. The problem, for me, is that until yesterday (friday, a week later after sending the scanned addendum) they didn’t say anything to me. Yesterday, at afternoon, I received an email saying that they have received the addendum and they’ll make the changes as soon as possible.

And my question is: is Avangate support always so slow? The other people that are using his services are having problems with this, or this is an exceptional case?

I found Avangate new account sign up so bad I cancelled my new account.

The details:
I tried signing up as a new customer with Avangate a couple of months ago. I was considering changing from FastSpring to Avangate because unlike FastSpring, Avangate lets me run my account in euros, thereby avoiding currency conversion fees for my mostly eurozone customers. It took a week, and an escalated complaint email from me for them to get it done.

A week to respond to new business…I saw this as a huge warning sign that they would likely not be responsive when I encounter a missing payment or some other issue. I immediately closed my account before even using it.

I usually get a reply within a few hours and sometimes less than an hour for payment and tech support questions. I got a reply to one recent tech support question I asked in 7 minutes. But I can’t speak for anyone else and I may be on a different tier to you.

Also setting up an account probably means them dealing with banks and they are notoriously slow and useless.

Andy, as far as I remember, you are using Avangate since a long time, isn’t it?

I know your business is different to mine (selling licenses vs SaaS), but have you received any complain from your customers about Avangate support?

The truth is that I’ve already integrated all my application with Avangate. I can delete all this code and roll a solution around Stripe, create and send invoices, handle VAT, etc, but it’s a PITA… So I don’t know what to do :confused:

Since 2010.

My customers don’t really deal with Avangate support, just their shopping card.

I get the occasional email from someone saying their card isn’t being accepted. But thats about it.

As far as I am aware their server hasn’t been down a single time since 2010.

I’m using Avangate since 2009, and their support responses are fast enough for me. I don’t contact them too often, though. I’m not sure if my customers contact them either… occasionally CD delivery gets delayed, but they contact our support about it, in turn we ask Avangate to investigate, and the problem is usually solved within a day or two.

Avangate support is slow, that was the reason we have switched to… FastSpring :slight_smile:

PS. I’m based in the EU as well, but I simply opened a USD bank account for my company to be able to receive USD-transfers from FastSpring… And looking at the USD/EUR dynamics lately - I’m keeping the majority of my company funds in USD :wink:

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