It took me 13 months to launch a podcast

Yep, 13 months.

I run a site called Failory, where I weekly interview failed startup founders (and more). In February 2019, I had the idea of turning these written interviews into a podcast and so I started looking for a host.

Lots of things happened over the following months so it was September and I hadn’t moved in any direction. Since then, me, Brandon (the host) and Joshua (our editor) have been producing, interviewing and editing until today, when we can finally say we have launched.

I believe that the longer you work on a project, the more difficult it becomes to launch it.

At first, I wanted to build something super quick, 20 minutes calls, without any structure and even almost no edition. The final products are 40 minutes interviews, with a deep-researched script behind, big names interviewed, a professional editor who has mastered the audio quality, etc.

It might seem as it was worth it, but… what if all this doesn’t work? It would have been better to launch with something simple and validate the idea, right? In fact, there haven’t been many downloads for now…

Let me know what you think. If you have any comments to share about the podcast, I’d also really appreciate them :wink:


@richclominson Good luck. And I hope your podcasts guests won’t fail.

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Congrats! (And thanks for using for your hosting!)

After reading your experience, even I can relate to it, I started a podcast last August and it took me 2 months to bring my first guest. The response was pretty great, I topped the Indian Charts but after that I couldn’t find the right guests, I got rejected by 70+ guests because the podcast was too young.
But kudos to your effort!
Best of Luck!

Transistor is a must for anyone starting a podcast! :smiley:

Sorry to hear that! And yeah, it seems like many people struggle to work and launch their podcasts. I think they call it “podstuck”.

For anyone else thinking about starting a podcast, I’ve just published this “get started” guide:

Anything missing that you think should be included?