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It’s 2013 and 99 percent of people are marketing their products like it’s 2004


Great article by Gary Vaynerchuk about marketing websites/apps:


Wondering your thoughts on this…

I agree to the most of points except email, email is still the best marketing channel if you do it right…


I cannot help but notice that billboards and tv ads are still very much alive. Someone is paying for them, which (I assume) means it works for them, too.

Gary is a smart guy, but he mixed two messages in the same post:

  • Some media is dead
  • Tell a useful story and then you can win on any media

Second one is a good one, and commonly preached these days. His very post is a meta-application of the same principle.

First point though is questionable and just erodes the post.


Seems to be very focussed on the consumer space, and it’s probably more true there. Most of what I read now about email marketing is more B2B (but maybe that’s because that’s the space I’m in.)


In the B2B space, you can have a lot of success marketing your product like it’s 1960.


and there’s no problem with that if it works :slight_smile: