Is this where I need to be?

Hey everyone,

Nick Here, I’ve doing IT sysadmin duties for various companies and been out running my own IT consulting firm for about 3 years now.

I’m looking for people who are open to brainstorming - collaboration.

I know ideas are a dime a dozen & thats fine!

I’m dying to get some of these ideas into the real world because I desperately want to use them myself.

Any one out there with AI experience that would be open to hearing a few of my ideas?

Maybe even point me in the right direction if these ideas already exist?

If you’d like to collaborate and have a background in artificial intelligence & machine learning…I’d love to just pick you brain.

I’m not trying to get rich from any of these ideas (although I wouldn’t mind royalties if there was profit)

I just want to see progress and to work with people who want the same!

I’ve had ideas in the past which I started learning to code and program a little bit but my organization skills are just garbage.

I think these ideas may have value as - I had the idea years ago and they are now becoming a reality from other like minded people (who I didn’t talk to)

The idea I want to discuss would involve facial genetic characteristics and artificial intelligence.

The idea would be to take facial characteristics (genes) and train that generator to connect those genes to categories.

Kind of like the AI program doctors are using now to detect rare diseases by a photograph.

If you’d like to discuss this with me (and hopefully I didnt’ post this at the wrong place)

I’d be thrilled to go into further detail!