Is it hard to find partners for SAAS projects?

I am developer and have future projects in mind but short of time to cover anything else, is it hard to find investor, partners that can invest in SAAS projects and how to share profits, ownership, any experience?

In short, you want someone to pay for you developing the project?

I do not believe it is a good idea.

  • You may find naive people who would believe you and invest their money – but with no your own money at stake your decisions will likely be not the best ones, and your project is more likely to fail. Then you’ll have to avoid that person(s) for the rest of their or you own life. (There could be the issue of broken legs, too.)

  • Investment works best when you already figured out all the things you need to do – from code to marketing – and now only lack time. I doubt it is the case. I’m sure you can herd code, but I doubt you have much clue about marketing. Investor would actually pay for your self-education. Not a good deal for them.

  • You do have time.

I’m a developer too. I have two kids with their tight schedule (swimming 6 times a week, after school classes). I do gym 2 times a week and boxing once. And I still find 1-2 hours a day to work on my project and 5-6 hour on a weekend.

Stop doing all things that are not essential and you’ll find time.

  • Doing a bootstrap for a developer is a much better option. I partially already said why – but I’ll repeat: you’ll have to learn all non-coding ropes, and there are a lot of them. Until you learn them, an investment for someone else is a bad deal, and from your side is nothing short of fraud. You’ll also pivot a lot, learning what the customers actually want; and likely the customer will be a different bunch that you initially imagined. And hence moving slower reduces the waste of time and money you’d spend otherwise.

Good luck.