Is it ever a good idea to change your product name?

We are working on the new version of my Word Cleaner product.

Historically we just converted word files to HTML and cleaned up the code, thus the name word cleaner.

But the new version does more formats; it can convert PDF files, as well as txt, rft etc.

I was thinking of Changing the name to Doc Converter Pro to emphasise that it’s not just word files.

Word Cleaner has been around ten years, so it does have a history. BUT we find a lot of our users are one-off, they typically need it for a certain project. So we don’t get a lot of upgrades historically.

While normally I would say always stick with a known name I think we are targeting new users and I want something that will impress them.

Do you prefer the Doc Converter Pro name over Word Cleaner?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Personally, I don’t like the word “cleaner” as it gives me the indication that it is something dirty that needs to be cleaned (E.g. virus cleaner). Doc Convert Pro sounds better and more professional. Not to mention that I immediately can guess what Doc Converter may do vs. cleaner. My 2 cents.

I thought it is for removing swearing from comments and posts.

Are you afraid of losing Google juice? Then keep your old site and do a permanent redirect, no?

Doc Convert Pro is much better. Maybe Doc2Html Pro would be even more precise, but it is too geeky mythinks.

Thanks guys. What do you think is a better name:
Doc converter pro
Document converter pro

Doc converter pro maybe reads better?

I prefer Doc Converter Pro. Nice symmetry in the syllables :slight_smile:

I’m not a huge fan of wordcleaner – when I first saw this I thought you were in the physical cleaning business. My second thought was to do with debugging. Doc Converter Pro sounds better (if you’ve made sure it’s not taken etc).

I recently found this website when I wanted to convert Markdown to PDF: I found that through search because of the descriptive value of the name. So you could consider www.doctohtml. That might help with your organic search traffic? I don’t like ‘2’ instead of ‘to’.

I work with a client who changed their name about 5 years ago. It’s ended up being a very positive move. Good luck!

Hmm, maybe you’re too fixated at “Word”. To me “Word Cleaner” sounds like a good name for a generic text utility/tool. I didn’t make the connection to Microsoft’s word processor until you mentioned it.

“Word Cleaner” definitely is better than “Doc Converter Pro” :slight_smile:

I’d suggest not even use “Converter” - you may add more features in future that are not necessarily “converting”. Just use something like “Doc Master Pro” or “Document Maestro” (I like this one) to have a name that’s future proof.

Thanks for the feedback. The main reason we have converter in the name is for seo.