Is it effective to LAUNCH a service that has been live (in beta for 9 months)

I’m a big fan of getting feedback rather than the “stealth launch”.
So our new speech therapy web app has been live for 9 months. We’ve advetised in Adwords for 6 months. (We thought we were 2 weeks from “pay version” for 3 months. I guess we were using Jeff Atwood (Stackoverflow) scheduling.

So I"m thinking now that maybe we need to have an actual launch with a bit of PR around an “event” rather than quietly "turning on the “pay” switch.

Any thoughts pro or con?


I’m the last person to ask about launches, but…

  1. The launch is announced to some auditory. Do you have a mailing list, professional forums or some other place where the prospects are concentrated and can be reached?

  2. The launch, I believe, follows some period of building up a desire to buy, a “OMG it’s gonna be sooooo good” kind of feeling. Then launch releases that feeling and channels it into the action (of buying). It doesn’t seem you have built that.

  3. I also believe the Big Launch works better for some ground-breaking projects. Adding a new media (web app) doesn’t seem like a launch-worthy event… though of course it may be, for instance, if it allows for radically new features.

I.e. if I were you, I’d channel my efforts into focused marketing to the potential users – patients, their relatives and the speech therapists. LinkedIn? Facebook? Anything that allows for better targeting than blind Google adwords.

Yep, that’s kinda how I thought The Launch would work.

Since our service technically launched 9 months ago, not sure if we have an “event” to build around.
(Other than “we are now charging for it”. NOT the event that would appeal to them :smile: