Is anyone experiencing sales slump?

I sell a B2B (major portion) desktop software. There is a sales slump this month - 0 sales so far.Had released a major update last month … sales were kind of okay last month but not upto normal sales volume.But this month its 0.(low sales product)
I was thinking of giving around 3 months time to check if the users liked the update.

I was wondering If someone else is experiencing the same ?

You can try to install it on a clean machine (or virtual one). Maybe installer misses some newly added dll and you don’t notice it on your development system.
Or maybe demo is broken in some other way, doesn’t count trial days, something like that.

One B2B customer told me they may not buy PerfectTablePlan because their conference might be cancelled. But no noticeable slump so far. See also:

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Hard to say. Yes, I see a sales slump on my two desktop products over the last couple of weeks. However, one is on the market for years but has generally a low sales volume. So, the statistics are not very meaningful. The other product was just launched this January only. There’s still too little data available for any sensible conclusion.

If anything, “online” sales and anything done “at home” should go up in sales. Right !?

Probably not. Some select businesses, maybe. But in such times of uncertainty and economic upheaval, businesses tend to delay purchasing decisions.

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My slump started midway through last week. Traffic dropped, trial signups are much lower than usual, and purchases of new subscriptions seem to have stopped.

Normally I’d explain this away as typical random variance, but given the current global news, I expect this to be caused by the massive worldwide disruption to business.


I’ve reduced budget for AdWords campaigns by a lot (in relative terms, it’s not that much in $), expecting B2B sales will inevitably slow down for at least next 2 months.
I’ll also postpone any marketing optimization work - it’s not possible now to compare with existing download numbers, conversion rates, etc. So either work on some long term SEO/content marketing, which anyway would take time to show results, or on new features until market stabilizes a bit.
Btw. based on how situation went in China, and how it now goes in EU/USA, with half-meassures implemented, I expect that pandemic will unfortunatelly grow for at least one more month, and there would be another month of slow down… Or even worse. We should all expect that our business will be significantly and unpredictably affected in next few months.


Thanks for all replies.To all members -->
be little more responsive … there are not much replies to questions posted. had slowed down like this.

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My sales are good. But March usually is my best month and I’ve put a lot of marketing efforts.

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What kind of product you sell?

Well I am experiencing a major sales slump now! But it is hardly surprising as my main product ( PerfectTablePlan ) is for the events industry and there basically is no events industry right now.

Expected as social gatherings are postponed now.
I’m getting some random sales now.But very slow.

B2B in a certain vertical. and also the product works for SMB in the same vertical.

Usually March is my best month. But this year it is just average.

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One piece of data. My B2B traffic for second half of March is half of usual values. But sales didn’t stop completely. Governments around the world are creating financial help for companies, so maybe it won’t turn to long term economic crisis. Just maybe, it’s too early to tell how this will unfold in following weeks and months.

As soon as February hit, my sales and ad revenue went down

How are your sales now ? What product you sell?