Introzap - Effortless Networking in the groups you belong

We all belong to different groups/platforms from our college alumni group, to Facebook secret groups, whether they are online or offline for the major purpose of networking with likeminds.

However most of us don’t benefits from these network either because they are too large or we don’t just know where to start from.

Introzap helps people within a group who have mutual interest and offerings to network effortlessly by sending one email introduction per day to each of them.

To get started, we have created a producthunt Introzap account -

How it Works;

  1. Signup with your LinkedIn account

  2. Select what services you need, and what service your offering in return (Maximum of 3 each). Complete your profile

  3. Receive your first email introduction, and reply that email to begin a conversation.

To create your own group visit

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