Introduction: Could fly a B2B real-time capacity booking platform?

Hello all,

Follow the rule of the forum I would like to introduce myself and our business concept.

My name is Tibor Zahorecz, based in Hungary (Budapest), worked 15+ years in enterprise arena (semiconductor, engineering services).
With some partners and engineering companies decided to take a challenge and launch our venture, called DoSell (

DoSell has three pillars:

  • Sales HUB: simple B2B sales of our partners services (cash in)
  • Innovation HUB: based on market demand (gaps) we do some “incubation” “innovation” as our last one is software security lab with Common Criteria capability, and soon launching IoT security evaluation.
  • DoSell Platform: We are planning to launch a web application to create a marketplace where companies could do bookings/planning/managing in real-time engineering services, product design services and Testing Laboratories capacity.

Of course, the 3rd one is the real challenge and huge investment, so we still in validation phase, catching feedbacks, so bootstrapping the whole idea.

I would like to start a discussion of how do you see the value creation of this kind of innovation.

best regards,