Hi fellow bootstrappers,
I wanted to share a SaaS app that I’ve been working on over the last few months called SlickMail. It is what I call a “Premium Email Validation Service”. There are a lot of email list validation services out there, but SlickMail is quite different. Not only do we validate your list, but if you are missing email addresses we are able to guess them if you provide a name and website for your contact. After the guessing and validation is completed, we’ll scan over 100+ social sites to see if the contacts on your list have accounts. If we find accounts, we’ll let you know which ones they are, give a direct link and any additional information we can (like Twitter followers, Klout score and interests, etc). This way you can reach out to your contacts not only through email, but social networking sites too.

I’m looking for some feedback about the service and the current landing/sales page. Currently the service is invite-only, so I don’t have any pricing up at the moment. If you are interested in using the service, please enter your name/email in the blue form about half way down the page and I’ll set you up with an account.

Thanks for taking a look and for your feedback,

That looks awfully spammy.

How so? We are not sending any emails to verify if they are valid or not.

Honest question: what non-spammy activity could you do with an email address you’ve guessed (as opposed to have affirmatively gotten through some sort of opt-in mechanism)?


The guessing feature is primarily for list building. So if you are trying to do market research to find a pain point, or market your app you can probably come up with a list of names, domain names, and phone numbers. You’d be able to find email addresses to going directly do the person’s website, but you’d still have some missing. This feature might help fill in the gaps of your list.

A lot of entrepreneurs are doing this now in order to validate an idea within a market without building software first. I know there are a ton of posts on this forum about it, and it’s the primary method that The Foundation teaches. SlickMail is a tool that you can use hand in hand with this process.

So you’ll be contacting people who have chosen not to include a contact page on their site? Maybe there is a reason they chose to keep their details secret?

Yes, some people choose to do that, but that is their decision. SlickMail does not contact anyone, it simply helps to validate emails and search for social data.

That’s a wonderfully diplomatic way to ask that question. Bravo.

The video is not working anymore…just for the case the project is still up.