Introducing (launched today). Feedback welcome!

Hello everyone,

We just rolled out the public release of today after 3 months in private beta and would love to get your feedback/thoughts. Some quick background… helps companies gather actionable customer insights and build strong brand advocates using the Net Promoter System (NPS). These customer champions, or Promoters, drive referral growth/recommendations to spur profitable growth.

Customers are a businesses biggest promotional force, spreading the word about their product or service far and wide. gives companies a way to measure that enthusiasm, trend it over time, and use the feedback to fine-tune their approach.

Watch this ~5 min video for an overview of both and NPS:

You can get hands on with a trial/demo account as well:

Thank you in advance for any feedback you can share, and if you’re interested in leveraging to identify and build more loyal customers for your company let me know, I’d be happy to help answer any questions.

Chad Keck
CEO & Founder,

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Man, I loved the video…I’ll check out your product.


Great Idea. I’ll try it out in a few weeks as well.

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Thanks Virgil. I spent the better part of Friday working on that. Haven’t recorded (or edited) anything in a while so I’m glad it came out as good as it did :smile:

Will have to keep polishing though. Let me know if you have any questions about the product when ready.

Very interesting idea. Landing page looks great. One question, the ‘championed by’ at the bottom, is that in regards to your specific product or the net promoter system concept in general. The reason I ask, I was reading up on the effects of testimonials and endorsements, and those logos instantly give the appearance of a big time endorsement. Savvy marketing either way.

I tried myself doing video demos with voice, but unfortunately my speaking is so bad that will drive customers away (english not my first language). I’m thinking of paying someone on fiverr to read a script but i’m not sure how it will go.

If you get traction I think you’ll have success, the idea and the product looks nice…with great execution i’m sure you’ll pull it off.

Thanks Latish. Let me know if you have any questions once you’re ready to get started. Pretty straight-forward but always happy to help or provide guidance.

Thanks, I’m glad you like the site – we sure do :smile:

The ‘Championed By’ companies are our actual customers, with many more small and of course recognizable brands to come (we hope). Rackspace is a very well known brand that is a big proponent of NPS that we had some connections with so we’re glad to be able to show them off there. Just as you said, the logos from big customers lend a lot of credibility to a product/service. Testimonials take that a step further.

There is some pretty solid talent for voiceover artists on Fiverr. I would absolutely recommend looking into this for some basic voiceover work. Just work out and read through the script many times yourself and give them some guidance on the general pace. Look for someone with high ratings and you’ll probably end up with good results. Worst case, it’s a very small investment.

And yes, we’re proud of what we’ve built even though this is just the beginning. There is way more coming that makes what we’ve done here look basic. But execution is the hardest part…awareness, customer acquisition, retention, etc.

How did you get your first customers, like Rackspace and others?

Did you contact them directly or did you have some inside relations?

A few we had connections at which helped (like Rackspace), and some others were referred to us or found our landing page. Most people went into the waiting queue, but a handful were “very” interested and pushy, so we took them into an early pilot group, then private beta, etc.

Since then we’ve started reaching out to others selectively where we don’t have connections and we’re also getting more referrals since the public launch. Interest seems pretty solid. Almost 150 new trial signups since last Tuesday and a handful of new paid customers.

We’re hoping that the “viral” marketing component will really help carry us so we can keep our CAC as low as possible. I’m referring to the branding which goes out on our survey emails, similar to Mailchimp. But we need an initial influx of customers for this to be truly effective, so we’re going to have to do some limited outbound marketing and other awareness activities in the short-term.

Looks great! Nice design and a simple but powerful idea.

Question for you: have you done any testing on the pricing (and the pricing page)? How did you go about figuring out your pricing structure? I’m wondering both in terms of how many tiers and what variables you vary pricing based on (looks like you’re using surveys/month and support level).

Pricing seems to be such a beast of a topic, especially when you are just starting out.