Introducing myself - and


I’m Will, and I’m really enjoying reading about this group so far. You guys are doing really interesting stuff, and I look forward to participating.

My project is - an order management backend for Apple Pay. I think Apple Pay is an amazing monetezation path for apps, but it seems that you need a web-based service to

  1. Actually capture payment
  2. Handle customer communication (confirmation emails, tracking, etc)
  3. Communicate with shipping channels as necessary

The mechanics of those tasks aren’t core to most businesses, which makes them unnecessary distractions that be handled by an outside service for a small fee. I’d love feedback on this project - it’s been a few years since I was involved in iOS development!


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Welcome Will – payment and advertising integrations for mobile apps seem to be going gonzo. I wish I knew more about them.

That’s an excellent idea. Best of luck!

Brilliant idea. Love it. I can see apple maybe canabalizing you but that would be several years out at least.