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Introducing FunnelOptimizer.io


A few months ago, I asked about some feedback related to newsletter conversions: Mailing list subscriber form

I’m excited to tell you more about the launch of FunnelOptimizer.io.

I went in to some more detail about the product and need here: http://brandonhilkert.com/blog/introducing-funneloptimizer-dot-io/

Would really love feedback!!!


Congratulations! I feel the same annoyance about retargeting ads that follow me around, even though I purchased the service months ago.

This seems like a very useful tool. I’m surprised there aren’t already smaller-price-point solutions for this.


Cool product, @brandonhilkert. Question: how does it work?

Brennan Dunn has an Infusionsoft-targeted WP plugin (http://wordpressconversionfunnel.com/) with similar goals, that really only works if someone gets to your site by clicking a link in an email sent to them (as a subscriber). Do you have a way around that limitation? Cookie-based?

Just curious :slight_smile: . Best of luck with it!


@tnorthcutt Yup, it’s cookie-based. So the action can be triggered with anything you can grab with Javascript, which covers many scenarios. Not everything – but enough to make you better off than without it I think.


Seems like a good product! When I’m adding a subscription box it always pains me to think that existing subscribers will still see the same form, so next time I do that I’ll keep you in mind.

One minor note: there is an extra word near the bottom of the landing page, where it says “After entering clicking the button below…”. Screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/zVKxg5loCr0i


Fixed! Thanks for the feedback.


Just wanted to follow-up here and let you know that https://www.funneloptimizer.io/ is live and ready for signups if you’re interested.

I’d love to chat more if you’re interested!


2 points:

  1. You had a demo on your website. I can’t see it anymore. I thought it was useful.

  2. The pricing worries me a bit. You say that if our usage goes above the limit, we will automatically be charged more. That means if I get a spike of visitors from Reddit/HN, my bill will suddenly jump.

I’d prefer it that if I went above my limit, my service was stopped till next month, so I can manually choose to increase my limit, rather than having it forced for me.

It’s just me, but I don’t like surprise charges. :smile:


hey @shantnu - Thanks for the feedback!

The demo is still there. I did adjust it because I’m no longer promoting the mailing list.

Step 1: http://cl.ly/image/2Z3I0l060W3U
Step 2: http://cl.ly/image/2J3S2H3i2l1n

Maybe you’re on the 2nd step and it just looked like a signup button?

I, also, wonder if the fact that they look so similar isn’t jarring enough to notice. You think having a separate “demo” link at the top that walked visitors through the process would be more effective?

Re: pricing, what are thoughts on a more reasonable pricing?

It’s priced like A/B services (Optimizely, VWO, etc.) because like their services, Funnel Optimizer takes all the traffic of the host site. So if you get 1MM impressions/month, it would be a much larger load on Funnel Optimizer then the site that gets 1k impressions/month. That’s definitely an implementation detail, but I’m wondering if you have thoughts on different ways of protecting against that.