Introducing my first web store :slight_smile:

It’s a store where you can buy a t-shirt with your chosen emoji printed on it

I just wanted to try selling some physical goods. I didn’t try with Shopify etc. because I want the user to be able to choose emoji and customise the t-shirt colour.

It’s been a fun experiment. Getting and extracting emoji data, and setting up AWS, Stripe, etc.

Looking forward to your feedback.


OK, I’ll admit I assumed I was going to hate this :slightly_smiling: But I actually really like it. It goes against my own principles of the sort of business I’d try to build, but as a person who likes buying t-shirts (and needs to buys some new ones) I like this site.

Some suggestions

  • You could make the first step in selecting the t-short be selecting the emogi. It feels like this is the fun bit. Although to be fair I got to that stage pretty quickly and it was then good to be able to see it on the finished t-shirt (correct style and colour). If you could drop people in to selecting their emogi but make changing the styl/colour easy and obvious from there it could work. Just a thought, it’s quite possible you have this 100% correct already.
  • Allow people to select multiple (up to 5?) emogi. Got a race coming up? :runner::sweat::sob::checkered_flag::sweat_smile:. I think this is a great way for people to create totally unique t-shirts and to reference something in their own life
  • Let people share their designs (if you let them add multiple emogi) and make sharing super obvious. This could be a good way to get traction potentially.

Great work!

Hi Robin,

Thanks for the kind words :slightly_smiling:

Yeah, I think that’s the feature that I like personally, being able to preview it :slight_smile:

I started building it in Feb… so… baby steps …

I guess, some low hanging fruits that I could do: mix panel analytics, mail chimp form, discount functionality etc…

Thanks once again for the feedback :slight_smile:

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Good progress so far. Any thoughts on supporting multiple emogi on a t-shirt? Is that a biggie? I’d focus on that (or whatever else would make people buy) and the ability to share designs over anything else.

Yeah, multiple emoji is quite a big feature… but it’s really a good idea and especially the sharing feature (viral)… I have to think about this… :slightly_smiling:

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ping me if you get that in, I’d be interested to check it out. I think this is the sort of thing which could play very well on ProductHunt as well (happy to submit for you when you like)

Yes, please, if you don’t mind :wink:

As Robin said, definitely start with picking the emoji - first I want to know what I’m putting on the t-shirt, then I’ll pick the colour based on that. By that point I’m already invested, so am less likely to leave when having to make the boring decisions like whether I want long-sleeve, what size etc. There’s no reason you couldn’t put it all on the one page with reasonable defaults, and let me set the options in any order I like.

Did notice a couple of bugs: the emoji on the landing page didn’t show for me (missing font? although they appeared on the selector) and the back button didn’t work for me in firefox (got stuck on one of the options).

Multiple emjois is a nice idea; if you’re getting fancy though, you could also consider a control over size and position, and a line of text above or below.

Hey Donny - Great job with this. Especially if you just started it in Feb (that’s only a month ago!).

I’m assuming you don’t have inventory, and everything is manufactured on the fly? How are you doing this?