Introducing ConvertTalk

Hello, my name is Paulo and I’m working on a SaaS product called ConvertTalk (

ConvertTalk is a communication tool that aims to help e-commerce owners to drive more sales trough a conversational interface, and as you guys know, there’s a plenty of big tools trying to solve this problem but I think our product is differentiated for being focused on the business side.

It’s a tool to convert client’s talks into sales for e-commerce owners. So we have our features focused on e-commerce, like:

  • You can send products information to your clients, like attributes and photos, helping them to decide to buy.
  • You can collect your customer’s data simply asking them for their name, email or physical addresses.
  • You can create an order right on our tool and send it to your client review and pay.
  • You can track you orders made through ConvertTalk.
  • All your clients will receive automatic updates about theirs purchases.

All this in a mobile app connected to your store’s API so you have the prices, products, orders, discount coupons, shipping tables, taxes, webhooks right on your hand helping you to convert a talk into a sale.

I decide to start connecting WooCommerce owners to Facebook Messenger, over time we have plans to connect others platforms and communication channels.

We’re almost finishing our product and I really appreciate some feedback about the idea and if you want to know more and participate in our private beta, please, sign up our launch list.

In a month I will start to send the first invites.

I really appreciate hearing any question of you guys!

And please visit our website

Thank you !
Paulo GR

Love the idea. The key bit is integration with Woo Commerce which allows you to place the order on behalf of the customer. Anyone else doing it this way?