Introducing - One-click retention analysis for your Stripe account

I’d love to get everyone’s feedback on

How many of you guys use cohort analysis to get a better idea of how your customers are canceling over time? I’ve spent a lot of time trying to do cohort calculations in the past so I made an attempt to automate it.

I just launched it last week and I’ve been talking to prospective customers to see what kind of needs they have. I’ve had a couple of people sign up which I’ve gotten some great feedback from but I’d like to hear from you guys and get your thoughts.


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First off, great domain! And beautiful landing page. The value prop also seems really clear and straightforward.

I wonder if you might be able to increase your pricing and/or tier it out a little bit.

Also wondering what your long term play is here. Seems like ultimately most analytics apps are about helping businesses understand how to grow with a variety of tools / metrics at their disposal.

Cohorts feel maybe like more of a feature than a product. Although a very interesting feature for sure.

I like it. I can definitely see this as being an easy & cost efficient alternative to sites like MixPanel & KissMetrics as it relates to the Cohort side of things. Similar to the thought @kalenjordan pointed out - I’m interested in your long term play. Great work - The landing page is to the point and clearly communicates the value. As a marketer by trade, this is something that I could definitely see value in and consider using…

Thanks! helpful feedback. You’re right, I’ve been playing around with the pricing so that’s been a work in progress. I will probably move towards a tiered pricing model at some point but I felt like I should keep it simple in the beginning so that I didn’t spend too much time on it pre-launch.

You’re also right about the feature vs. product. I’ve had a couple customers sign up so I’ve been talking with them to figure out what other tools would be useful to them. I’ve got a few ideas I’m throwing around.

Gotcha. In that case I love it on all counts. Get something out the door without being bogged down by figuring out the exact pricing (or feature set) up front. You have a great initial feature and price point for starters and can develop it out from here as you go.

Good stuff! I actually changed/increased my pricing three times since I started, and surprisingly pretty much all of my customers were totally fine with it. If you have a good relationship with them and communicate the reasons behind it, and the reasons make sense, and it’s still a good investment for them, then I think they’ll understand.

Or even easier you just create new tiers with new features that they’d have to upgrade for.

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Thought about you with the launch of Cohorts in Google Analytics… How do you see yourself differentiating?