Interview with Alex from Jitbit

Came across this interview with @jitbit (Alex) on Indie Hackers. I thought it was a good read. Ian and I talked about it on the show a bit as well.


I barely slept, drove a $500 car, …

Damn, I already barely sleep, but I think my car is too good for the success I’m looking for. :frowning:

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I believe that’s the biggest mistake people make in enterprise B2B — thinking they’re selling to business owners (people who actually care about “saving costs”, “adding value”, “doubling conversions”, and other marketing yada-yada). You aren’t. You’re selling to hired people who don’t give a shit. They care about their jobs, their bosses, their promotions, and their paychecks.

This part came just in time for me. I’m looking at my landing page copy, and it is bugging me. It is all aimed at the enterprise person who pays. Now I see why it bugs me, and I know what should I change.

Mind you, the person-who-pays is still mighty important. Just my installer is (turns out) very similar to Jitbit in idea - let the tech guy install it in 3 minutes, play with it, get immediate value - and then that person will be the “sales” guy who will push the manager to purchase.

Thanks, Alex!


I think, ideally, if you are in the SaaS business the landing page should be a part of the app.Same UI language, seamless transition, login experience, etc. Haven’t figured out how to do this right, though.

I really enjoyed this interview. I think the introverted developer in me likes to hear you can do what Alex did without sales, without demos, without phone calls, and without advertising.


Thanks for posting @andrey (and - damn! - I’m dying to hear the episode now)

If anyone has any questions, let me know in this thread

It appeared in my podcast app this morning…