Interested in side projects? (Also my introduction)

Hi everyone,

I’m Pallav and I work as a growth marketer with Mailbird. I wasn’t a techie so it was frustrating for me to not able to create something out of my ideas. I slowly started learning programming and then even created a chrome extension for community which you can check out here.

After this I again got busy and wasn’t able to code actively. Somehow, I always have this itch of creating small creative things that would help a niche audience become more productive.

Just want to put it out there that I’m looking to collaborate with interesting people specially techies who want to work on some side projects. If you’re already working on an interesting side project and feel I can contribute, would love to talk more.

This is an awesome community and I’m hoping to be more active here rather than being a silent lurker.


Welcome, and great offer! If people are looking for a business/marketing partner, it’ll probably help if you provide some more detail about the sort of skills you bring to the table – what you might do to help with customer acquisition & development, etc. Growth marketing is an important skill, so it’d be compelling if you can expand on it a bit.

That’s a good point @coreysnipes. I actually consider myself as a generalist as I have worked hands on in almost all areas of marketing. With that said I have a special interest in exploring technical growth hacks, user engagement and retention, online advertising and PR.

I’m not so active blogger but I write about topics that might not be very common and you can check it out here. Also my linkedin profile in case someone wants to dig more.

Would be very interested to talk more with anyone who might have a question. :smile: