Interactive wireframes

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Do you use interactive wireframes, mockups when you work on your products? Yes/No. Why?

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Not for my own products but I do it for client work as it’s a great way to give them a feel for what it will be like - I’ve done it for websites and mobile apps using Fireworks and some FW/JS scripting. For my own products I suppose I know how it works in my head so there’s less of a need.

Currently I’m wondering if it’s worth making interactive prototypes from finished visual designs using something like Framer.js to fine-tune things like animations and I’m wondering how easy it will be to translate those Framer.js animations to iOS ones.

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I don’t use interactive wireframes at all. I do static wireframes for my web development consulting, and I don’t for my products.

Wireframes are a great discussion/exploration tool when building stuff for clients, but I find it easy enough to do quick paper or mental sketches, then delegate the development work to my internal team. Once in a blue moon I’ll do a wireframe to help clarify something for my internal team, but it’s rare.

For me, that time is better spent on expanding my customer base & improving my understanding of their needs.

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Hi @Wolanski,

We use it all the time. It’s a genius way to test and gain feedback before you write any line of code!
While building own products, it’s been a tool to gauge some feedback and understand their needs qualitatively and while building products for clients it has been a brilliant way to reach a common understanding of what’s to be built.

But of course it’s always an assessment of the resources, sometimes small paper mockups are enough! :slight_smile:

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