- Dashboard of public income reports from all over the web

Hey guys,

I want to show you a side project I worked on lately. It’s not a SaaS, I don’t plan to make money from it, but I hope a few guys will like it, especially if they love income reports and transparency as I do, it keeps me motivated somehow.

I gathered the income reports data from a few blogs and companies like Buffer, Groove, WP Curve, Baremetrics, Smart passive income(9 so far, more to come) and I put them up with some graphs so you can see easily their growth, revenue and of course, with a link to their original income reports.

I will also send a bi-weekly newsletter with new additions and latest reports.

Let me know what do you think


Great idea! Maybe include mobile apps as well; there are occasional bursts of income reports by developers. You may want to include a way for companies to request removal/correction of their reports.

If populating the site is a manual process, perhaps put some discrete ads on it to fund a VA gathering the data a couple times a month so you don’t have to.

Thanks Steve, I haven’'t thought about mobile apps…do you have any examples?

I have a few ideas how to make it more useful. I will start a blog around it and make it about helping companies/websites grow by learning from what others did(i know there are many of these, but the income reports tracking with graphs will be an added feature). I will do weekly round-up posts accompanied with graphs and takeaways from each new income report listed that week. I’ll also change the domain name to

Maybe I’ll build some widget to allow bloggers to include customized graphs into their income reports posts.

I think this is a lot more useful than only numbers and nice graphs.

There are a few here: Overcast's Sales Numbers (iOS)

Will this maintain your interest in the site? I.e. it lets you become an authority, sell info products, consult, etc. in this area? Keeping up the site will take effort, and I think it would be good if there was some way to make it sustainable.

Thanks for the link, seems there are some good sources.

I don’t have plans of selling products, consulting on it, but since I should pay for someone to keep it updated and send the newsletter, maybe I could make it more useful and a few blog posts per month, like round-ups with takeaways can also make it grow and keep people coming back.

To grow I think a widget for bloggers will be a good idea, if they will use it of course. When I have more data, I’m thinking to contact each blogger and telling them they are featured on the website and maybe I get some mentions.

This is great. I just completed a post for The Next Web on this topic.

Looks like you are pulling in companies who have public dashboards available via Baremetrics. Is that your only source?

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Actually, only 4 of them have public dashboards, the rest are manually added from their blog posts.

I tried to add LeadFuze as well, but since you started on 15 Dec…and I can’t get the figures for the end of the month :slight_smile:

Hah nice. I’m switching to regular end of month reports now. This is a cool project though as I enjoy reading the income reports and just seeing what companies at different stages are doing!

Thanks. I also love to look at income reports, that’s why I started this. I found that instinctively I look after income reports once I like the content/product and for some blogs, i go back to them just to see how they did that month.

It would be nice to have LeadFuze here.

Anyway, I just added 4 more reports:

If you know products/blogs that are consistent with their income reports, please let me know.

Hey Virgil - I’m not sure what I like more: this idea, or your UI. Seriously, it looks stellar. Are you a designer??

Not sure if you’re looking for more reports to add, but I always post monthly income reports from, although I’m nowhere near the range of income of other people.

Nice work!

Interesting. It is surprising how much money some blogs and podcasts make.

Of course revenue isn’t as meaningful as profit. I don’t suppose any of them publish that. But perhaps you could include number of full time staff and revenue per employee? It isn’t the same as profit, but it is a bit closer.

Thanks. I’m not so good at design, it’s just a modified bootstrap admin theme. You’re in. I’ll post a bunch of new income reports on lower range next week, some of them provide some useful info.

Yes, however some blogs provide net income. When I find that info I add it. I think I have the net income data for 4-5 blogs, but I haven’t made those stats public yet.

The staff info would be nice, but i think it’s kinda hard to get the info. Maybe I’ll let the bloggers update the data themselves, crunchbase like…a few may bother to do that if they like the idea.

A few more reports added:

A few of them also have the net income, I will add that soon on the reports. Do you know any other startups with public income reports?

Got featured on producthunt . I wanted this but a bit later when the project is more complete with a working blog

Anyway, any of you know how to get listed faster as author? Unfortunately I wasn’t active on produchunt, just checking from time to time…so now I can’t even comment. I’ve tweeted them like FAQ says, but nothing.

In case you hadn’t seen that page at Baremetrics, it might save you time:

This is great. Love how simple and focused you kept it.

This is a bit off topic, but can you talk a little about the backend or how it was built?


Rails 4+Heroku+Bootstrap 3…nothing fancy.

Btw, I’m looking for a partner that would take care the of the blog content and email. I will give him an advertising place on the blog layout, mention on the article about box about him and a few other things(let me know).

Unfortunately, I have to admit that writing is not in the list of things that I love to do which makes hard for me to spend time writing for a side project that also doesn’t bring revenue yet. I will take care of the website, the technical stuff, the report updates on the website…I need help only with the content of the blog(and email newsletter, even though this is not critical).

Let me know if some of you are interested.

For the others, do you know a place where I can find a partner, any specialized websites?

Hi Virgil,

I could help with the blog post and email newsletter if you’re interested.