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IncomeReporters.com - Keeping me motivated while blogging


I’ve been addicted to reading bloggers monthly income reports but could never find a central location for me to store any of them. I know last year a member on Bootstrapped developed a similar website but it seems to be down … so I thought I’d take a couple weeks to put this together.

So far I have around 90 bloggers indexed with another 50 that I plan to have done before the end of this weekend.

What are your thoughts on this project so far?


Any suggestions?


In one word, demorializing. :slight_smile:

I like the idea though. Great work!


I felt the same way but use it as motivation now.

Even if I could get into the $x,xxx range I’d feel a little better … granted I’m in the $xx range right now.


It would be interesting to see reports for non bloggers (ie saas). I know many companies do the transparency thing but seeing the numbers consolidated would be interesting (and probably a little demoralizing also).


Interesting. Going to keep our focus on bloggers for this initial run and then see if we can expand out to companies such as Buffer, etc.


I was thinking more along the lines of SAAS’s like ones found in these forums (by and large) ones very much in the early startup trenches.


Oh. Gotcha. Will put that down as a possible future expansion.


Holy shit! … lol

I am amazed at the breakdown some of them give… now, Bluehost Affiliate link bringing in 48,000$ in a month… Darn… How many fishes in that pond? … How many 2$ a month shared hosting and new wannabe millionaire bloggers does this represent… have an idea at the failure rate?

I guess what I fail to realize is how big the pond is… and how willing they are to spend money on hot air…


Oh, great job on that website…


@Serge … Bluehost earnings are crazy to see. Affiliates are bringing in low $xx to mid $xx,xxx per month. We have something in the works starting next month to help wrap your head around some of these earnings numbers.


I had a project like this few months ago, https://web.archive.org/web/20150618051948/http://www.incomereports.co/,
I also posted about it here, it had nice graphs, charts, etc.

The thing is, I was very busy and couldn’t focus on it even though it had some traction (got front page on PH). For those who have time, a project like this is nice, but if you want to monetize it it’s pretty hard.

What are your goals with this?


@Virgil … awesome job with IncomeReports.co. Found it on PH last year and was sad to see it go down :frowning:

I’ve been addicted to income reports for years now and had my own bookmarks of blogs that I checked on a monthly basis but never a way to easily look historically at the numbers … thus came Income Reporters.

Although I don’t have any solid numbers for myself, over the years of reading blogger income reports I’ve probably increased my revenue by thousands of dollars. I’ve found some affiliates I never knew about, social media marketing strategies that have grown my following, etc.

Granted I, like yourself, know that can only sustain a website for so long. I have a few monetization ideas floating around but right now my focus is growing the database.


(Scratching blogging from a list of things I would ever wanted to do. So many words for so little money…)


@rfctr … it gets very interesting when you dig deeper into the reports especially those makes $xx,xxx per month and only blogging 4-6 times a month.


Probably you’re right. I suspect however that most of the work is behind the scene, and if they do put 100-150 hours a month, I’d rather stick with my contracting where I’m making as much as their top-5, and much more reliably.


@rfctr … yeah, there is probably a lot of hours that we on the outside don’t know about.

I ended up trying to analyze some of their revenue streams and compiled it all into a blog post >> https://blog.incomereporters.com/analyzing-how-78-bloggers-earned-close-to-900-000-during-august-2016-cb51d9cc7bd0#.hdvdcb1r9

Seemed to give a better idea of at least where the majority of the revenue was coming from.


A buddy of mine runs a similar site at http://www.transparentstartups.com/

I know he’s been getting lots of exposure with it recently, so it shows there’s a definite desire out there. Good luck, keep us posted!


@shanelabs congrats to your buddy! Saw the website on PH today.


You might find this site of interest for SaaS/online businesses in general: https://www.indiehackers.com/


We just added a new report to our system breaking down the previous month’s revenue sources.

Taking a closer look at how 66 bloggers earned over $775,000 in September

There is also a link in that blog post to the full list of affiliate offers and advertising networks bloggers used.