Imriel, a writer, Looking for startups to showcase on Medium

I’m starting a project called Jumpstart which showcases small startups that are looking to hire their first employee(s) It it’s not like Beta list. There are only 5 questions to answer about your who you are looking for, the brand, culture and the founding team. If anyone is interested in being featured just let me know and I’ll send you the questions. If you are a larger company we have a separate project which I’m happy to discuss. The features will likely be featured on Medium.

We’re looking to hire at Proxitee


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Hi Imriel - I’m game :slight_smile: My startup is


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Sounds interesting.

I’m looking for people for my new thing:

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Great, if you could answer the following 5 questions and email them back to me at imriel [at]

Tell us about your startup and what you are trying to achieve?
Have you established a company culture, what’s it like?
What kind of people would you like to join your team?
What 3 things will make people want to join your team?
What’s your 5 year vision for your startup (as a business, team and set up etc.)?