Improving sales?

After 20 years of running my own successful software companies ( , I’m breaking into UX and Conversion Rate Optimization. It’s my favorite part of the whole lifecycle. I have deep experienced in all aspects of running a software company and was an active participant in the old Business of Software site.

To get my foot in the door I’m offering free consults to qualifying companies for a limited time.

You qualify if:

  1. You have a website that generates $3,000 or more per month in revenue.
  2. You are using analytics tracking and can track improvements in conversions from one page to another (current and after we improve it)
  3. You are prepared to make small changes that seem likely to improve your conversions and share that with me.
  4. I can use you as a case study. (If the results are so good you don’t want to share them you have the option to pay for my time and we’ll call it even).

Do you qualify? Do you want to improve sales?
Reply below or DM me.

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