Impact of Brexit on your business?

I’m curious if anyone here expects their business to be impacted, positively or negatively, by brexit?

Is there anything specific you are going to change now that the UK has voted to leave the EU?

Maybe in a couple of years, I can remove GB sales from my VAT-MOSS quarterly reports. Maybe.

Maybe in a couple of years, I can remove my VAT-MOSS quarterly reports. Maybe. :slight_smile:

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Sales outside the UK will be worth more to me while the pound is low.

VAt may become more or less of a mess in the longer term.

I’ve wasted hours over the last few weeks trying to ‘debate’ with some friends/contacts who have been pushing either provably incorrect or at best heavily skewed viewpoints (on both sides of the debate).

I though at least it would be all over now - that was very naive. The biggest risk to my business in the sort term is me getting distracted!

Longer term - no body knows yet, no details.

“Keep calm and carry on”. For a nation that defines itself by that phrase we’re collectively loosing our sh!t at the moment.

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What we do know now is it is a mess. Some of us are lucky as we have lots of sales in currencies other than the pound. I have a sneaky suspicion that we won’t leave. Could be completely wrong. Either way, unless people feel strongly enough to campaign and lobby for a different outcome, we should all probably just ignore the entire thing and wait for it to be decided one way or another. I don;t say this because I don’t care, I say this because no one knows anything at the moment and the eventual outcome is far from clear as no one even has a plan that runs to more than a tweet - “We will trade with Europe on our own terms” etc.

I think the best thing to do is to keep focused on your business and make that a success to the best of your ability. Clarity on what this will mean is years away. At least 2 years.

Though if, like us, you were discussing the possibility of doing something with EU funded organisations - we have been asked to consider running a Business of Software Conference like event in Brussels for example and had spent time discussing what this might mean, you can forget it. The EU is really jolly upset and cross with the UK at the moment. Can;t say I blame them.


We’ve cut our prices for USD and Euro customers which has pleased them! However all the services we buy from the US just got more expensive.

I think the big impacts will come once the exit happens. We’re not going to be rid of things like VAT MOSS and EU cookie laws or data protection if we want to still trade with EU countries, plus we’ll have whatever the UK wants to put in place.

We’re very seriously looking at incorporating in Ireland.

On the personal side this is becoming a huge problem: we’re based in an EU country. Obviously they’re gonna kick us out “back to your UK” unless we file for some residence permits or something…

PS. Gosh, who would’ve told me a UK passport would be a PITA - can you believe it? :slight_smile: #irony

I think we are a long way from that yet.