I'm working on a service to help business find influencers in their niche

Hey all - I recently quit my job to pursue a long-standing dream to try my hand at starting something. I’ve been working with some friends to build a service that helps businesses discover influencers in their niche. Finding influencers within a niche was a recurring theme that came out of our customer interviews so we’ve built our technology to accelerate that process.

We’re using hashtags/keywords to help business filter down to influencers that fit a certain vibe. Within those influencers, we’re looking at engagement metrics to provide them a “community strength” grade so businesses can look beyond just follower count and work with folks that are truly influential.

I’d love to get thoughts from the folks here especially if you’ve had any experience working with influencers. We’re still new to this domain so there’s probably plenty of blind spots we’re still not aware of. Glad to be a part of the community!

How are you planning to monetize it?

I think I’ve seen something like this on ProductHunt a while ago. Pretty much a influencer database.