I'm trying something new with the HelpSpot blog

Hi everyone,

Most of you here know me, but if you don’t I run the Bootstrapped.fm podcast and this forum along with Andrey. I’m also the founder of Userscape, where we’ve been selling HelpSpot customer service software since 2004.

Other bootstrappers’ expertise has been incredibly valuable to me since the beginning. I know HelpSpot’s community would benefit by learning from Bootstrappers, too.

I’ve recently made changes to the HelpSpot blog, and am now sharing articles written by guest contributors, in addition to my own. I hope you’ll consider submitting a blog post on a business or technology topic you’re passionate about.

A couple quick notes:

  • I want to feature posts on many different business and technology topics (entrepreneurship, software, business, customer service…). Tell me what interests you!

  • We already have an audience waiting for you to share your expertise. We’ll promote all blog posts to our customer base and community.

  • Our HelpSpot.com domain is well-established, providing a solid foundation for guest authors who want their content to appear in relevant search results down the road.

Think you might be interested? Check out our contributor guidelines, and share your topic idea(s) with us at any time. If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them here, or you can email me.


Sounds interesting, @ian.

How will you promote guest posts? Via email newsletter? If so, do you have a sample of a recent email newsletter?

Yep, newsletter, social, and it also appears in a notification area inside HelpSpot itself.

We’re reworking the newsletter, it was not regular before and didn’t really have a format so that will be all new.