I'm Stefano, from Italy, and I just launched WOptimize.io

Hi all,
I was looking for places where I could get a feedback on my project, and I found this forum. :slight_smile:

Who am I? My name is Stefano, from Italy, and I’m am building (mostly) WordPress as a freelance websites since 2012, but playing with the platform as a hobby since much longer.

Why am I here? I’ve found this forum because I want some feedback on a project I recently launched, WOptimize.io, a new WordPress maintenance and support service. I know there is a lot of competition right now, but there are also 70+ millions of WordPress websites online, so there is a slight chance that someone could be interested in my service too, and I think we could offer a great service after all :slight_smile:


Hi Stefano,

I really like the landing page, crispy clear and attractive. Well done!

However, there don’t seem to be any free trial, neither screen capture of your plugin nor credentials from any existing users that can convince me that you’re legit and make me give my credit card number straight away. You should consider adding at least one of those 3 value proposition to your copy. If you’re not willing to give away a free trial then you should have your “30-day Money Back Guarantee.” much bigger in your pricing.

Also, as you mentioned, this space is quite crowded so you should make a comparison page with the biggest solutions out there to show why you’re better than them :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply!

I don’t have a free trial, so I might give more visual importance to the “30-day Money Back Guarantee”.
Also I don’t have screenshot, because the core services need only a plugin installed, but there are no settings or other actions needed from the client side. It’s made to be “invisible” and not over complicate things for the final client, which might be not very tech-savvy.

I’m trying to build a testimonial section, I have just a handful of clients right now and I’m trying to be reviewed by them to build it asap :wink:

Hello Stefano,

Since you are based in Italy. Is there a reason why not targeting Italian WP users?

I’m sure there less competition when you focus on Italian speaking users


I am already working on an italian and a spanish version of the website.

I started with an english website because I was already offering this service to some european clients I already had, so it was easier to ask them for feedback. Basically I just gave a nice “package” to a service I was already offering, hoping to expand my client base.

Looks good. One small issue, the word enterphrise is cut off on the graphic:

The site loads really fast, you using securi firewall?

What do you mean with “cut off”? I see the full image without problems. Can you send me a screenshot?

And yes, I’m using Sucuri Firewall. The website is also hosted on Siteground since they have a great caching and performances for the price, and all html, css and js are properly minified and concatenated.

Same here. Firefox.


Ah, now I see! I forgot to expand the font appearance in the svg image… that’s why you see it like this. To me it appeared properly because I have the font installed on my pc. It should be fixed now, thanks for telling me!

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Looks good, competition will be tough. What strategies do you use for growth?

If you are thinking of launching an affiliate program ping me, I own a tool that integrates with Stripe and it’s startup friendly(even though we have companies doing 5-6 figures from their program).