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I'm Nick Prudent - Montreal-Based Bootstrapper


Hello fellow bootstrappers,

My name is Nick Prudent and I’m bootstrapping a music lesson & presentation app named Lessonator. I’ve just entered public beta and gathering feedback so I can have version 1.0 within the 2 next months.

I’m one of those people who enjoy everything about a bootstrapped business: coding, graphic art, even marketing. There’s never a dull moment and everyday is an opportunity to learn new things.

I love the Boostrapped podcast & the whole vibe of this discussion forum. Hope I can contribute a little too.

  • Peace -


Hi Nick. Welcome to the forums. I’ve been following you on Tiwtter for a while now. Nice to have you on here.


Good luck with the new project Nick!


Thanks Andrey! Been listening to past Boostrapped podcasts all week. This had to be the best podcast discovery for me this year. Now I know there are other people who can understand my professional choices. Not everyone wants to work in a cubicle on other people’s dreams.

Keep up the good work – and don’t forget the cover sheets on those TPS reports…