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I'm MrShuffles, freelancer and bootstrapper from Australia


Hi there,

Long time listener of What Now, and Bootstrapped.fm podcasts. Lurker on JoS. It’s pretty cool there is a forum now that’s more modern than JoS :smile:

I live in a regional area in Australia. Not much going on out here in terms of IT, but at least the lifestyle is pretty laid back. It’s great to jump online and chat with some others interested in creating software products.

I do client/freelance work for a living (mostly mobile these days). In my spare time I work on some of my apps. I have a guitar app which I sell in three different versions. There’s a “web” (SaaS) version, iOS version and a Mac App Store version.

It doesn’t make much money though, so I’m starting on a new product aimed at music teachers.


Hi! Welcome to the forums!