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I'm Mike Jones from Western Cape Labs



I’m a serial failure having started and killed several businesses since my first back in '97 (Clearly New Media, when media was new and CD-ROM’s were going to rock).

I’m currently running a small software business called Western Cape Labs in the most instragram-able city in the world, Cape Town, South Africa where I moved two and half years ago from London with my wife and three kids.

We run a niche eCommerce business called On The Way which runs on a platform I built and a consultancy that actually pays the bills. The consultancy mainly builds smart apps for dumb phones (think healthcare applications on a Nokia you had 10 years ago) and web applications.

All four of my previous businesses have been bootstrapped completely but Western Cape Labs was funded for it’s first 9 months by some friends who believed in our crazy dream so I guess I’ve now “cheated” but we’re back to bootstrapping now!

I’m a huge believer in open sharing so really hoping this thing flies in a way that benefits those who take the time to stop by.


Hi Mike. Great to have you here!

I’m glad I’m not the only one on here who wrote software for phones back in the day before the new mobile app hotness.


@imsickofmaps, I know it’s a bit non-kosher for a bootstrapping forum, but I’d love to get some insight on how you got a little help from friends. I’m in the mix of having a lot of people that believe in my company, but don’t know how I can ask for help other than a few handshake leads…


The first step is to get everyone drunk …


Hi, Mike. Good to see you here. I know it can take a lot of tries to succeed. I started and killed 5 businesses (or more like dumb business ideas) since 2007 before starting Snip in 2011, the first product business of mine that actually made any money.