I'm making a screen recording tool that records websites as *interactive* videos

Check out the homepage to experience the demo: https:// capsule.click (I’m a new user so can’t post a link yet

Try using your mouse in the “video”!

Capsule lets you create screenshot images and recordings that are way better than just regular image or video files. Capsule captures the actual content of the webpage which is how viewers are able to click on buttons and scroll inside a Capsule.

You can use Capsule to make interactive demos of a product, make tutorial videos on how to do something on a website, show people your websites, and more.

I’m still trying to figure out the main use cases for Capsule that someone would pay for, so would love to hear any ideas!

Here are the avenues I currently think have potential

  • Selling it as a tech support / QA tool to tech companies to provide user support
  • Selling to engineering/design teams at tech companies for them to more easily collaborate with each other