I'm looking for your feedback

I’ve launched my first online service - Keword Suggestion Tool. In addition I’ll publish desktop application for Windows & Mac OS where the users can upload any number of initial phrases/keywords at once and can use proxy servers to make search from specified locations, etc. Would love to hear your feedback on the site. Thank you.

Nice UI.

I heard though that Google fights back against such unauthorized use of their bandwidth. How are you going to work around that? Proxies?

You’re right, there are certain limitations, Today this service works exactly the same as any web-browser showing a suggestions while typing. If we’ll exceed a reasonable number of requests, then we will parallelize requests via multiple servers with different IP addresses.

“We”? I thought you’re doing it alone? :wink:

Yes, I’m alone :wink: This is my bad English

What you can say about service? Is it helpful for writers/bloggers/SEO?

It is. I found one word combination I did not target in my posts.

It is also very limited because I have to seed it to get something back. I would never find phrases that I’m not aware my prospects use.

And it looks too simple to become a business… I mean, I can type my phrase into Google myself, and get the same results. To pay for it I would need it a) scale, e.g. go into my web master tools account, collect all the searches and find the variants or b) look for other variants of search phrases I did not think of. And do it automatically, if possible.

Andy here had implemented a similar idea.

http://www.keywordfunnel.com uses existing data sources (e.g. AdWords search terms reports) and massages them into a form you can upload into AdWords. It doesn’t generate the phrases for you.

Sorry for not being clear. What I meant is that KeywordFunnel has implemented a service more valuable than just the basic one. I did not refer to the technical side of things.