I'm Justin - I Built a 7 Figure Marketing Agency and Just Launched My First SaaS Product

Just came across this forum and love how active everything seems to be. I can already tell there are several people like me in here, so I’m looking forward to participating.

A little more about me - I started offering digital marketing services in 2008. It started off slowly, but I gradually built up a team and had myself a 7 figure digital marketing agency.

In October of last year I decided to take my custom built marketing campaign management system to other agencies. It required a rebuild and took over 12 months (4 months of design/planning and 8 months of development) to launch. I’m happy to report it launched last week (http://workado.com).

Over the summer, I switched to focus on this business full-time while handing my agency responsibilities over to my team.

I blog about my entrepreneurship journey over at JustinMcGill.net if you are interested in following along there as well.

Welcome! I look forward to hearing more. I like your GSD t-shirt on the signup page, by the way. Where’d you get that?

Hey Corey - thanks. I got it from StartupVitamins.

Seems like every other Thursday there is a new project management tool for freelancers/web agencies/seo services/marketers/dolphin handlers/sql contractors/boutique web shops/etc…

Not meant as a dig, just my observation.

Hey John - that’s actually the challenge as there are a million ‘project’ management systems out there. However, they don’t fit the needs of marketers with ongoing marketing campaigns. Projects and campaigns are completely different. Most marketers though have to work within those limitations because there isn’t a solution built specifically for them.

Workado technically falls under the “project management” umbrella, but it isn’t meant to compete in that space…nor is it suppose to appeal to freelancers/web developers/designers/etc. It’s basically specifically for SEO’s and digital marketers.

I can’t tell you’re any different from your landing page. Maybe rethink some “feature blurbs” into how you are a differentiated product. Do you work with SEO, do you summarize analytics, do you track click through rates? Have to think how you are better than excel and email.

You spend a lot of screen space talking about “user types” and “note taking”. Those are pretty trivial features right? I wouldn’t buy a car because it had totally amazing air vents right? Whats with the “task templates” anyway, how are you any better than forwarding them a word document outlining what to do?

I"m trying to figure out how to say this without sounding snarky or mean or negative but I’m bad with words so I’ll just say it. For a 7 figure marketing agency, focusing so much space on trite features and not benefits is a little weird… :wink:

Note taking is 400 pixels of space that doesn’t describe how your note taking feature is superior than me opening a gmail compose and forwarding an email.

Just trying to be helpful.

Really appreciate you taking the time to provide that feedback @johnf. Going to look into revising the messaging here soon now! :smile: