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I'm Drew McLellan from edgeofmyseat.com


Hello, I’m Drew, and I work with my wife @rachelandrew at edgeofmyseat.com, mostly working on Perch CMS. It’s probably best to read Rachel’s introduction for context on our business.

Personally, I dropped out of university in the late 90s after finding studying Computing with Management was way less interesting that all the freelance web development jobs I was being offered. From that point I worked in a lot of web design agencies as a developer, and then in 2006 took a job at Yahoo! in London, working in Search R&D.

I was never a very good employee. I didn’t know why until I joined up with Rachel as a partner in edgeofmyseat.com. Rachel and I can discuss and idea in the morning and ship it in the afternoon without needing anyone’s sign-off - we can do our own thing based on our own judgement. Sometimes we’re even right!

Anyway, that’s me. Pleased to be here.


Welcome, Drew! Nice to have you here.

I’m with you on the “never being a good employee” thing. But I’m beginning to suspect, as I get older, that it may mostly have been the cause of not finding a good company to work for. As I’ve consulted with a few people over the years, I’ve found at least a few companies that, if I had been a full-time employee there, I’d probably have liked it.


I can third the ‘never been a good employee’ thing - what, you mean I have to do the same basic thing… for years???