I'm building one html5 game per week, looking for feedback


Since the iPhone came out, I really want to build fun games for smartphones. But a) I have no idea how to make games, and b) I don’t have any audience that may be interested in my games.

To solve both problems, I threw myself a public challenge: build a free html5 game every week. So far I’ve made 5 games, and I’ve got a lot of positive feedback from players.

For now most of my traffic comes from reddit and hackernews. Do you have any advice on where/how to promote my games to more people? I’m also interested if you have feedback on the website or the games themselves.

Link to the games: www.lessmilk.com

Thanks for your help!

Great idea! Are you aware of http://onegameamonth.com/ and do you follow @McFunkypants and @LZAntal on Twitter? They tweet about making HTML5 games.

Looks interesting!

PS- Why do posts have to be 20 words long, forcing me to type in random garbage??