I'll build and give a SaaS MVP to get my 1st paying customer at StaticBackend

Hi all,

Currently doing the non scalable things to get first paying customers. I decided to build and give a functional SaaS MVP using my backend as a service product StaticBackend.

It’s a great opportunity for non technical founder to get their idea in front of real users testing their hypothesis.

I’m doing this to demonstrate how uisng my product helps launch a SaaS product faster.

I’ve tweeted this to get idea suggestions. Feel free to jump in and give your suggestion.

The most liked suggestion and the one I feel confident of building in a short amount of time will be selected. The winner of the SaaS will be selected randomly from another tweet’s retweets.

I’m doing this to get initial traction and eye balls on my product as well as helphing a non technical founder to get their business up and running for non development investment.

Any comments / thoughts highly appreciated, I’m really to go very far to have this product succeed, passion project I finally found after so many years building products.



Interesting marketing idea - could really tap into the zeitgeist around this forum, Indie Hackers etc.

As I understand it you’re going to pick the idea yourself but pick the winner randomly. For best results you want the winner to both succeed and be vocal - so not sure random would be optimal?

From a quick browse of StaticBackend I couldn’t work out the key part of your message : if I replace ‘vendor specific code’ with your API then haven’t I just replaced one lock in with another?

So as I’ve understood it, “no vendor lock in” means use HTTP not a library client.

FWIW, I see “no vendor lock in” as: you will give me a full database dump of all of my data whenever I ask for it.

Regarding the marketing idea itself, it’s interesting. I agree though that you should be selective and look for someone who has the potential to actually succeed (if possible), rather than selecting randomly.

Yes, the database export was part of the deal.

That being said, after talking for the last days with devs and non-tech people I think I might need to pivot the product a little.

Maybe the database as a service and user management, in fact the vs. Firebase is just very hard way to enter the market.

I’ll need to think more about this and sadly probably have to removed the components I had for now at least.

I might have gone too horizontal. I just need to think more about the product offering.

Thanks for your feedback.