If you are going to Spam, get something right

Just got this spam email from and SEO ‘expert’ to my privacy @ thebln com email address. Is he on this list? Must try harder.


My name is Chris, and I am an Internet Rankings Engineer. I scrolled across your website Bootstrapped.fm and performed a Google search for your business keywords. Upon perusing in the first page, I saw that your website is currently not listed on the first page for your niche and popular keyword (Product) search.

The fact is that your keyword ranking and Search Engine positioning is easily correctable. There is no reason that your website cannot be ranked in the top page for your best keywords based on your website’s quality content and solid structure. You have a very good website that is built to convert when it can be found in the Google SERPs.

Your website needs high quality inbound anchor text links, and I can help you with this. We will get you ranked for your targeted keyword in Google as well as Bing and Yahoo. The key to this is adding new high quality anchor text links from a myriad of websites. Link building is the most important aspect of a website’s ranking and will produce the business and results you seek for Bootstrapped.fm.

The types of the link are extremely important to achieve top rankings, and I can create these quality links to your website. I can prove to you how effective and risk free this system is. Nothing beats the good performance and after you see what we are able to do for your business you will feel confident in the results we can achieve for your business.

I would like to hear from you regarding any questions you might have. Please let me know if you wish to move further, so that we can schedule a meeting (tomorrow onward) at a time convenient to you, without disturbing your busy schedule.


Chris Parker |Ranking Expert

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That’s what I was saying some time ago. You have all these people filling out comment spam, and they have no idea what you do or who you are.

Who is teaching these people? I’m sure there is a “growth hacker” teaching them they must be pro-active or other such crap.

Or even collect the data properly in the first place. Bootstrapped.fm isn’t even my website.