Idea to help digital consultants

Back story
We run a web agency and have a couple of SaaS side projects. Recently we started looking at how we could make our agency work more efficient, so we could have more time to focus on the SaaS stuff.

One thing that we have always struggled with is managing work requests from clients. Random emails and phone calls asking for updates or changes were just creating so much noise and effort. We have to go back and clarify the requirements, we then create and send over a change proposal, then we send an invoice, then finally add it as a ticket to our support system once it is paid.

So we started optimizing the process by creating standard scope documents for common requests (add mail box, add new page to website etc.). This has improved things, but what really made a difference was putting the whole thing into one of our SaaS products, We basically use the system to define scope, capture the details we need and collect payment. It’s not what the product is intended for (it’s actually for therapists to go paperless). So we are branching clientform and pivoting.

Our vision is to create a product that essentially allows a consulting service or agency to have a SaaSy feel by creating a Service Portal. This is a space to manage client subscriptions & work requests. It also takes care of the hygiene aspects of a SaaS like, billing, dunning, invoicing, billing history, forgotten pw etc. By abstracting the process away from unstructured email or calls, we aim to make everything way more efficient for everybody including the client.

The other use case we can see is for bootrappeers to create a Wizard of Oz type service as part of idea validation. You can have a portal for clients to register, pay a subscription and manage their account without having an actual app delivering the service - you do this manually until you prove off that there is a market.

One thing we don’t want to do is get involved in task management. There are a ton of very good options already out there. This is much more about having an online service shop and a my account area for clients.

Anybody running a consultancy think this is something you would want to use & pay for?

Any feedback much appreciated.

I ran a small 6-person consultancy for nearly a decade and while this is something I would like - I don’t think I would ever be able to get my clients using it consistently.

Most clients came to us to be guided, to get advice, and to be reassured of the decisions they are making - there was always a fair amount of discussion before we could (internally) scope out a work request which engineers or designers could work from.

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