Idea for a crowded market

Hi there!

I’m working on my startup since the last year and, as well as in my previous jobs I faced the same problem/s:

  • Collect all the important data is difficult since we have it in different software.
  • You’re continuing asking your co-workers about the information related to the onboarding results, new experiments results, A/B testing, etc.
  • Losing focus by not knowing how the product/company is performing in the market.
  • KPIs are difficult to track.
  • Spend a lot of valuable finding the results and reporting.

I’ve been thinking about a possible solution:

  • A custom dasboard to include all the information that helps you understand how your company is performing, and take better decisions based on the results. Connect Mixpanel, Flurry, GA and different services to have everything in one place. A SaaS platform focuses on SMBs.

I’ve done some research and there are a few solutions that are focused on that (Geckoboard looks the big one, and there are even an open source projects), and that’s my concern:

  • Do I need to continue working on this since the market looks crowded? There’s a place for another player?

  • Did you find in a similar position with your business?

Thanks in advance community!

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Not answering your question really - but why distract yourself from your current startup?

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haha good one! I have some days off and I want to build a side-project. A good way to solve other problems, hack some things and apply learnings after :slight_smile: