What’s the product? is a site that allows you to subscribe to a niche emailing list that you are interested in, where you will get sent one lesson/hint about that niche daily. It will start with just a few niches such as bootstrapping and marketing. It can expand into an infinite number if niches.

Content created for the DailyLessons will also be posted to a blog style site once the mail shot is sent. This enabled google to picks it up and us to get search traffic for that

Who is the ideal customer?

Any one who wants to keep learning about the thing they are interested in.

What pain does the product solve?

It’s a vitamin.

How will it make money?

Advertising and affiliate revenues. Each niche channel will up sell various info products related to that niche.

Route to market?

Start small with just two lists.

Build from there.


Nothing to build, small amount of daily work, just need good design, exponential number of niches to move into. Content could be semi-automated with good content writers.

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Yeah, email list as the simplest SaaS possible; we talked about this in a thread a while ago. I’m thinking of doing a couple if I ever get out of AutoLayout/Adaptive UI hell.

Devils Advocate: I would worry about promising daily content; seems like the content would be trivially small or a constant grind to produce or manage production. The smallest technical problem could break the chain of daily emails.

I like the concept and the name. Generally a fan of value delivered on a predictable calendar schedule.

However, the public blog / advertising / affiliate part wouldn’t be my preferred method to monetize.

I’d go with paid membership access to the newsletter, with a portion of the content available for free. Similar to the mixergy model.

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