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Ian's new email list and ebook


Hey all,

This forum has been such a blast that I’ve decided to take on another new adventure in bootstrapping with an email list. I’m hoping to get it out weekly-ish and cover all kinds of different things that I’ve learned starting UserScape.

It’ll also provide a place where I can expand on topics we talk about here as well as introduce new topics that can overflow to the boards.

Along with it, I’m giving away a new ebook created by Chase Clemons and myself on customer support for bootstrappers. Hopefully you find that useful as well, I’d love to hear what you think.


This is a straight gangster move. eBooks are “the thing” right now. I love it. Just retweeted it.

…are you and I the only ones here who aren’t in Prague right now? :wink:


Thanks! Chase did all the heavy lifting, he’s the real guru but I played my small part.

I’m most worried about finding time to write each week, but hopefully I can make it happen. I’ve gone too long without writing regularly anyway. I think the more intimate setting of an email works better for me than blogging at this point.

Yeah, really wish I was there.